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  • Welcome to the official website of Taizhou Huatai marine instrument Co., Ltd!


    Taizhou Huatai marine instrument Co., Ltd
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    Taizhou Huatai ship instrument Co., Ltd. is located in the City Industrial Park of Jiangyan district. The company is committed to research, development and production of pressure, temperature and liquid level display and control instruments and centralized control system for ships. The products meet and obtain CCS, ABS, dnv-gl, LR, BV, NK, Kr, Rina and RS specifications and certificates. The marine pressure gauge is licensed to manufacture measuring instruments.

    After years of development, the company has a high-quality management, research, production, sales, service team. It has a certain market share and popularity. According to the requirements of ISO9001, the company has established a complete set of quality management system.

    We adhere to the "quality for survival, service for development, integrity for the market" concept, continuous innovation, determined to improve, and strive to provide users with updated, more perfect products. Develop together with users and create brilliance together!